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Cities of Uzbekistan In cities lives over 42 population of the country. The largest city of Uzbekistan - Tashkent, capital of the country, with the population 2,3 million person. More than half of Russian population of Uzbekistan lives in Tashkent, making ок. 30 its inhabitants. To 1966 city ...> More


Is the first day of New Year. New Year is widely celebrated worldwide and at various times year. A symbol of New Year is the Grandfather a frost and the Snow Maiden, and also the dressed up fur-tree. Exactly at midnight from 31st December till 1st January, when hours solemnly beat 12 hours, there...> More


BELDERSAY HOTEL - RESORT Location: the Tashkent area, Bostanlyksky area, natural boundary Beldersaj Not far from the Chimgan valley at height of 1500 metres above sea level in unique district of beauty the most comfortable resort in Western Tjan-Shang - "Beldersaj oromgohi" is constructe...> More

Archeology of Uzbekistan

"The exact data about quantity of all archaeological objects of the country while is not present". It was declared by the employee of Institute of monitoring of the legislation at the President of Republic Uzbekistan Olim Kodirov. As he said, during control-analytical activity of Committee of Leg...> More


The national costume of the Samarkand women at the end of the 19th - 20th cc.  The history of the Uzbek national costume testifies that it developed and modified much faster under influence of the urban culture in the large centers of Uzbekistan - Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent and others than ...> More


  Medieval Uzbek hammams (bathhouses)               Bathhouse - hammam is the most frequent type of civil construction in Central Asia. Based on a detailed study of the set of artifacts and documents we can say that these buildings have undergone many changes over the centur...> More

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