Uzbek movie production has made a lot of progress and not the weakest chain in Uzbek art. Throughout its existence, cinematography passed through different stages when values were undefined. Fortunately, those periods always ended with success.


Major role in the cinematography play Uzbek traditions, problems that are usual for Uzbek families, resolution of that problems. There are interpersonal conflicts shown in movies and lessons that we learn fom decisions that take heroes. There are a number of talented directors and actors that in cooperation created a lot of outstanding movies, deep and truthful.


One of the best Uzbek movie directors N. Ganiev is showing national traditions in his works. His works are considered to be among the most outstanding pieces of Uzbek art. Traditional way of life was very precisely described in his movie “Takhir and Zukhra”. Ganiev also directed a movie about Khodja Nasreddin. Khodja Nasreddin is a hero from folklore literature that is loved by many people. The movie is called “Nasreddin’s Adventures”. Deep understanding of the character together with great talent in directing allowed Ganiev to create a masterpiece in Uzbek movie industry. His movies are rich with lirikal, original and national elements. His own character and as a result the nature of his works were greatly influenced by folk literature.


N.Ganiev is talented not only in movie directing area. From his childhood he learned quickly how to do different types of art. Being a little boy, he was able without help to catch a melody and reproduce it by playing dutar. The same was with drawing. He could easily learn drawing and was good at it.


N. Ganiev introduced the public different types of films. His characters were very real. There was a feeling that movie heroes were people we know despite the fact that the story shown in movies took place in different age. He shows us a world of Uzbek traditional way of life that was untouched throughout the history.


His works are loved by Uzbek population. It is clear from his works that he feels characters and feels culture. The most out of all his works people favor "Takhir and Zukhra". This work was close to the nature of the director. The story of the movie is lirikal and is told in form of a poem. Ganiev loves poetics and it is clearly seen from the movie that he gave everything he could to the production of this movie.


In collaboration with screenwriter of “Takhir and Zukhra”, N.Ganiev was able to get away from usual movie style and introduced love and interpersonal relationships as main and significant topic.


This tragical and at the same time beautiful love story about Takhir and Zukhra, who went against rules of society was presented to the public in a narrative style. Nazim was a narrator in the movie. He guides the public and helps to feel what Takhir and Zukhra feel. The narrator sets the tone of the movie.This makes public even more involved and closer to the heroes.


Another bright hero of the movie is vizier. This character plays the role of bad person, who does not let Takhir and Zukhra be happy. Vizier challenges their love and makes audience of this movie angry with him.


For the key roles N. Ganiev invited not famous young actors and actresses to play. It was a first time the movie was based on a historical drama. These both facts show that the director had clear vision, was confident in what he is doing and was not afraid of failure.


Later N.Ganiev produced another movie story about Khodja Nasreddin. Unfortunately he was not able to produce another work based on poem “Alpomysh”.


His teacher of movie directing was Y. Protazanov. Protazanov was professional and a great director. Sometimes students of such directors start to copy the style of their teacher. But that was not the case with N.Ganiev. He managed to learn the best lessons that his teacher could offer and created his own style.


For his new story about Nasreddin the director chose different actor to play the main hero. This time it was played by R. Khamraev. His feeling of the character was different that’s why Nasreddin in second movie is represented differently. Nasreddin becomes more mature. Now it is not an easy going person who loves to have fun. He becomes wiser and softer.


Other characters on the other hand became sharper. For example, Agabek, who was played by A. Djalilov, was shown in satirical way. His greed makes the audience feel unpleasant feelings about him. Agabek is walking around with a key to his treasures, looking as a greedy man and behaving as a greedy man. This hero is ofter associated with a snake that is sneaking around and trying to make others’ lives harder. One of the brightest characters of the movie is Beardless, played by R.Pirmukhamedov. Beardless is a man who makes people smile and laugh. Thanks to the talent of the actor R.Pirmukhamedov, every appearance of this character in the movie brings positive and cheerful atmosphere.


“Nasreddin's Adventures", directed by N.Ganiev is a sign of creativity, originality and sense of humor. This work is recognized by public and by professionals in movie industry and it is considered to be a part of art history in Uzbekistan.


N.Ganiev managed to perfectly describe life and people in his movies. Heroes of his movies are expressive and deep. Surrounding looks real and beautiful. Traditions and culture of people is obvious. Traditions can be seen in every scene, in clothes, interior, exterior, speech manner, behavior.

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