Uzbekistan holidays

New year (January, 1st)


New Year is one of the most popular holidays in the world. People in different countries celebrate it in different time. There are different characters that symbolize this holiday. In some countries, Uzbekistan included, they are Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snegurochka. Uzbek people as well as many other people around the world have a Christmas tree for New Year. On the New Year Eve people serve the table and wait for the midnight. At midnight, right from the first seconds of January 1, people celebrate the beginning of a new year. People prefer to celebrate this holiday with family members and close friends. They give each other presents and enjoy variety of dishes.


Motherland Defender’s Day (January, 14th)


The holiday is dedicated to all people who serve in a military. As a gratitude for feeling safe and secure, every year on January 14, people pay respect to our military forces and celebrate this holiday. After declaration of independence, on January 14, 1992, Uzbek Parliament decided to announce that military forces and educational institutions that prepare future military employees are under jurisdiction of Uzbekistan. From this day, Uzbek army started to form. This day became a holiday in 1993.


Women's day (March, 8th)


International Women’s Day is celebrated in Uzbekistan as well. Every year on March 8, citizens enjoy a day off from work. Sometimes this holiday is called “Mothers’ Day”. For people this holiday is a day of beauty, love and kindness. The day for the holiday is just right. On March 8, the nature is beautiful and soft. It is not cold and it is not too hot usually on this day in Uzbekistan. Trees and flowers are blooming. This day men treat women with extra attention and give them different presents. Usually they are flowers, greeting cards and chocolates.


Navruz (March, 21st)


Navruz is considered to be the most ancient holidays in Uzbekistan. Navruz translates from Persian as “new day”. Every year on March 21, people in Uzbekistan celebrate so called New Year. This name is given, because at this time trees and plants bloom. On this day, the length of a day is equal to the length of the night, this is known as astronomical equality. But despite this equality, the weather in different parts of the world is different. Northern countries experience warm weather just like during spring and southern countries have autumn. To celebrate Navruz, Uzbek people cook traditional food: somsa, halim, pilov, sumalak, etc.


Before the independence many traditions and national holidays were forgotten and only with independence they came back. Among them was Navruz holiday. It was practiced from ancient times and quite recently became nation wide holiday. This is a holiday to mark not only natural events, but is also a holiday of brotherhood, friendship and unification of people. On this day, there are free concerts and performances at Alisher Navoi Square. A lot of people go there to entertain and celebrate.


Memory and Honor Day (May, 9th)


On May 9, 1999 there was opened a great Memory Square in Tashkemt, Uzbekistan. Starting from that year, May 9 became a national holiday. This holiday is dedicated to all people who sacrificed their lives in battles defending the territory of Uzbekistan from invasions and ensured peaceful life to citizens.


This holiday has a deep meaning. It is the day to remember and pay respect to those who participated in historical wars against fascism and other forms of oppression. It is also time to remember national heroes from history. They are: Shiroq, Tumaris, Spitamen, Munavar-kori, Najmiddin Kubro, Kadiri, Jaloliddin Maguberdi, Behbudi, Avloniy, Chulpon, Usman Nosir, FitratNamoz-batir. They paid the greatest price for the freedom of others.


On this day, Uzbek citizens pay attention to veterans of World War II, who survived and are living with us. They are invited to concerts that are organized specially for them. As gratitude, younger generations give them flowers and presents.


Independence Day (September, 1st)


Independence Day is the most important national holiday in Uzbekistan. It takes place every year on September 1. On this day, there are different performances that people can attend. This is a holiday of all dreams and hopes that came true with the independence.


Uzbekistan is a multinational country. There is a variety of nations living in Uzbekistan and being citizens of this country. People in Uzbekistan follow different religions and have different social status. But despite all the national, social and religious differences, all people are equally happy to celebrate this holiday.


Artists participate in different shows across the country. In addition, people participate in traditional types of entertainment that both local and foreign people enjoy to watch.


Teachers’ Day (October, 1st)


The status of a teacher in Uzbekistan is traditionally solid. Throughout the history teachers are respected. That is why in Uzbekistan 1st of October is dedicated to teachers. There are different words in Uzbek that show mean a teacher, they are: muallim, ustoz, domlo. When a teacher is called mualim, ustoz or domlo, it does not mean simply a teacher, but it means that a student shows great respects to a techer. Teachers deliver morality norms and behavioral patterns to their students and are historically much appreciated in Uzbekistan.


School, college and university students are grateful for the knowledge that they would use in their lives. They bring different gifts and flowers to show their appreciation.


The Constitution Day (December, 8th)


Constitution consists of the basic principles of Uzbekistan. It is the main document that dictates norms and sets the rules. To highlight acknowledgement of the importance of the Constitution annually, starting from 1992, on December 8 people celebrate Constitution Day. This date is the date when the constitution was finalized and introduced to public. This document has six sections that are divided into 26 chapters or 128 articles. On this day people in Uzbekistan enjoy different shows and entertainment.


Ramadan Hayit (Iyd ul Fitr) and Qurbon Hayit (Iyd ul Adha) are also the national holidays, but dates of celebration depend on the Lunar Calendar in each year.


Ramadan Hayit (Iyd ul Fitr)


Ramadan Hayit is also called Ruza Hayit. During this holiday, people purify spiritually. It lasts for thirty days and spiritual purification takes the physical form. People are not supposed to eat or drink from sunrise till sunset. They should not have bad thoughts in mind, be polite and respectful with other people.


At the end of this thirty day period, there is the holiday Ramadan Hayit. It lasts for 30 days. On first day of Ramadan Hayit people across the country do not work.


Qurbon Hayit (Iyd ul Adha)


Qurbon Hayit is a religious holiday. It is considered to be one of the most important holidays among Muslims. The history of this holiday goes back to ancient times. Prophet Ibrohim was ready to sacrifice his son to Allah. But at the last moment he was stopped and was told by kind spirits to substitute his son with one of the animals: camel, sheep or others. Starting from that day, Muslims started to sacrifice different animals for holidays. Qurbon Hayit continues three days. During this time, people visit their relatives and spend time with their families. People also pay attention to those who are sich or have problems. First day of the holiday people do not work and any type of work should be stopped for duration of the holiday.


Independence day

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