Morning pilaf


Celebratory plov

Morning celebratory plov it is spent during wedding. Organizers of wedding assign day and hour of action when all invited can come and try this traditional dish. Invitations are delivered all neighbors, relatives and acquaintances. Since evening carrots are cut, and near relations and neighbors participate in this process. This original custom is called "sabzi tugrar". Elderly members of a family arrange duties of tomorrow's action. After all plov should be ready already after a morning prayer which is called "bomdod namozi"!

Real Uzbek plov will be offered directly to you on the prayer termination under tambourine sounds of karnay and surnay. Visitors take seats in places, flat cakes and tea at first is moved and kind wishes is made. After that on big dishes moves plov, at the rate of one dish for two. After meal dishes are carried away, participants of a ceremony again make wishes, thank masters and leave. Desktops are prepared for arrival of new visitors. All action lasts no more than two hours. Actors and singers are invited. Gifts - elegant chapans are handed over to the guests of honor. Besides celebratory, exists also commemoration morning plov during which time stay remember the deceased. All read Sura from the Koran, actors are not invited. An indispensable condition of these two actions is that they are serviced by exceptional men.


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