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Uzbek cuisine - perhaps most known national and developed aspect of the Uzbekistan culture, and Uzbekistan people Unlike its nomadic neighbors, the Uzbek people had and a strong civilization within many centuries. People grew up wheat and planted horned livestock between deserts and mountains, in an oasis and fertile valleys. Therefore rich products have allowed the Uzbek people to express especial tradition of hospitality which, in turn, has made their kitchen known for the whole world!


Especially the winter and summer make the structure of the main menu. Fruit, vegetables and nuts are accessible everywhere all the summer long. Foreign visitors buy uzbek fruits with pleasure - grapes, melons, water-melons, apricots, pears, apples, a quince, a persimmon, a cherry, pomegranates, lemons, fig. Vegetables are various and tasty, including a bit smaller quantity of known variants of a green radish, yellow carrots, a pumpkin family in addition to regular eggplants, the Bulgarian pepper, turnips, cucumbers and remarkable tomatoes.


The winter kitchen traditionally consists of dried fruits and vegetables and specially kept products. Very popular food during the cold seasons is paste and dishes similar to it.


Mutton - the most known source of fibers of an Uzbek cuisine. Sheep are valuable not only for their meat and fat, but also to their wool. Beef and a flesh of a horse also are used for meal in a considerable quantity. The camel and a goat meet seldom, this meat less widespread.


The Uzbek cuisine has excellent taste though they are very spicy. Some spices used in preparation for meal, are caraway seeds, red and black pepper, a barberry, a coriander and sezam. The majority of popular grasses includes parsley (a new coriander), fennel, a celery and a basil. Still popular spices it is vinegar which is added separately to salads, both products of yoghurt and marinades. A variety of national bread is the main element in food intakes for a population body. Flat bread or naan are usually baked in clay ovens (tandoors) and move with tea, yoghurt for special and separate dish. Some types of the flat corn have baked with an onions and meat or meet baked in paste, others are covered by seeds or sezam. It is very tasty! Just try it! Gastronomic tour here!


Uzbekistan is famous for the dairy products. Central Asia is known for suitability of various and thin products of yoghurt. Katyk or the yoghurt made of sour milk, and suzma - thawed, the thick milk similar to cottage cheese. Adults and children love it so much. This kind of dairy products usually move separately, in salads and give up to soups and the basic dishes. You have to taste this unique and unforgettable aroma!

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