Khazarasp and Chadra Hawley

So, from the airport we went straight to Khazarasp is one of the oldest cities of Central Asia, located on the southern border of the Khorezm oasis of our country. In fact, this is the last Khazarasp city in the area, then it was already Bukhara, Khorezm border. Khorasmians here at all times
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Khiva is a city frozen in time, that's the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the narrow dusty streets, clenched in the arms of ancient buildings. Also here once stretched caravans with bales which were filled with silk, spices and other precious things. The city was noisy and seething
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In Bukhara, I was more than once, but in transit and during this visit I wanted to see the real city, which was once the former part of the Silk Road. Therefore, planning a trip on their own, it was simply because there were no problems with the organization of Uzbek Airlines flight to Tashkent,
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My mini trip to Samarkand

The ancient cities of the Great Silk Road excited my imagination from childhood, but the trip has remained in some mythical and long-term plans. I’m afraid of travel to Uzbekistan, because I will be lonely girl in the eastern country. This situation was decided by random action on the sale
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