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Travel across areas of Georgia: Samegrelo

Presented region of the country is divided into southern and northern parts, where you can meet many lowland and subtropical climate. The northern part of the region, situated between the rivers Tskhenis-Tskali Inguri and is protected by numerous vagaries of nature using Egrisi ridge. Therefore,
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Many travel companies rightly talk about the steady growth of interest of tourists to numerous truly unique countries that retained its flavor. This list Georgia is not the last place. The streets of old Tbilisi, drowning in the shade of various trees, ready to tell the guests that have chosen th
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Sighnaghi Fortress - a unique Georgian fortifications, the walls of which are preserved almost completely. Local authorities and sponsors have invested huge amounts of money to transform the city of Sighnaghi in one of the most attractive tourist centers.  
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To one of the most popular points on the map of Georgia can be attributed stunning views of the heart and soul with Nekresi. Many centuries ago, on this very spot was an ancient settlement. Today is not only a magnificent view of the wine valley, and is the ancient monastery with ancient frescos.
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