The Georgian Foreign Kakheti

Living in the country like to say a joke. Almighty the example of Kakheti has shown that even the most different in their form and content regions can absolutely exist peacefully. This principle, which is the basis of the Georgian national culture, can be very useful shows that people and the wor
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Travel Kakheti: national traditions

This land, generously endowed by nature with all sorts of beauty, keeps many interesting customs and traditions. One such tradition involves the collection of a new crop of grapes. The most active of fresh grapes are harvested in mid-September. It so happened that for Kakhetians this process is l
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The history of the development of Georgian Kakheti

Numerous archaeological expedition, engaged in the study of this area of the country, were able to establish many interesting facts. The first settlement here dates back to the fifth century AD. On quite inaccessible slopes of the first people they founded a settlement, sheltered from enemies by
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Georgia Kakheti: natural features of the region

Many tourists nowadays prefer not only a specific set of services that each tour operator in Georgia is ready to offer our customers, but also possible to fully enjoy the unique nature, architectural masterpieces, historic sites, and so on. If you belong to the list of people who need it is, then
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