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Georgia - it works by Niko Pirosmani

Each country has its own poet, artist and musician, who was able to convey its spirit. There is such, and in Georgia - Niko Pirosmani. Each of his paintings is a true masterpiece, reflecting the entire depth of the soul of the Georgian people. Feast in a small house or folk festivals, ancient str
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Culture of Georgia

The Georgian tribes still in the ancient time lived in territory of the western and central area of Transcaucasia. Georgians as the people were generated thanks to related tribes, under the "card" name, the self-name the Georgian "sakartvelo" from here proceeds, i.e. the country where there live
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Art of Georgia

Culture of Georgia - this combination Georgian, Caucasian, European and traditions of the near east. The Georgian monumental architecture, music, the book miniature, the rich spiritual and secular literature, dances, works of jewellers, chasers and artists, and certainly the hospitable Georgian p
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