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National name Janashia Museum

Famous far beyond the country's National History Museum at the central Shota Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi is located. Many metropolitan and national media, on the pages where you can find the best Tbilisi news , be sure to pay attention to this museum. And tell here really is about. The museum com
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Museums and art galleries Tbilisi

The multi-faceted cultural life in Tbilisi is reflected in various forms. Every year the city hosts many different festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other events, initiated by the domestic and international foundations, museums and so on. If you want to see at least half of all this variety, i
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Georgian Museum of Ethnography

The greatest demand for the tourists have always enjoyed the museum complex, where you can really explore the exhibits. For example, not through imposing glass and railing, and just touched with his own hands. Thus knowledge and advocates an open-air temple, located in Vake Park in Turtle Lake ar
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