Theatres of Georgia


Capital Theatre Rezo Gabriadze

For those who prefer a more measured rest, in the Georgian capital, there are many cultural institutions, such as Theater Rezo Gabriadze. His name was given in honor of one of the world's most famous Georgian artists. It is believed that it is from this human activity is linked flowering of Georg
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The National Theatre of Georgian Shota Rustaveli

Georgian culture can without exaggeration be called one of the most remarkable. Hot dances, beautiful songs and shocking pictures have become an integral part of the country. Wishes to touch the best examples of national culture can visit the Tbilisi Theatre, named after Rustaveli. The first
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Russian Drama Theater named after Griboyedov

The end of the XIX century was marked in Georgia "Golden Age" for the whole of the national culture. It was at this time in the country are actively creating new paintings, poems, stories, unique architectural monuments built, and people are beginning to actively attend the theater. The first per
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