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Guest hous Akbarovs (Fergana)

In Fergana suburb, surrounded by a shaded garden built guest house Akbarov family. It offers four rooms, located in two different parts. In the courtyard installed deckchairs, hidden from sunlight scented sour grape s s grapes on vines intertwined. This also serves meals afternoon and in the even...> More

Guest house "Anor" in the village of Verkhniy Ukhum

Verkhniy Ukhum is located in Farish district of Jizzakh region. It is the closest locality to the State Reserve Nuratau. Roads end 2 km away, so you will have to go on foot. There are rooms for guests there, but a place for rest for four tourists can be found. This is an indoor couch-bed and two ...> More

Guest house "At Habib’s" in the village of Hayat, Jizzakh region

Sattor and Bezargul Akhmedovs invite lovers of Nurata mountains to their guest house. The two houses, designed for the reception of tourists, can accommodate up to 10 people. Sanitary conveniences are in the yard - a shower and an outside toilet....> More

Guest house "At Yahshigul" in the village of Asraf

The mountain village of Asraf of Farish district of Jizzakh region is located on the northern slope of the Nurata Mountains. Residence of Yahshigul and Bobozhon Kozokov is the only guest house in this village. Group travelers up to eight people are happily placed in one of two rooms. Also in the ...> More

Guest house "Fatima Ibrahim" (Bukhara)

This mini-hotel is located near the medieval Madrasah and khanaka Nadir Divan-Begi, Kukeldash Bukhara, as well as sculptures Nasreddin Hodja in the Old Town. To reach the old water tank "Labi Havuz" and the eponymous complex structures is not difficult. Everything is nearby: many architectural at...> More

Guest house "Gulnara" (Tashkent)

Service of mini hotel includes air conditioner, bathroom and satellite television. The payment of the room included only breakfast. The hotel chef prepares delicious dinner which had a lot positive comments of guests. In the small courtyard there are trestle-bed and some tables. ...> More

Guest house "Mutabar" in the village of Sentyab

If you like mountains, but not a climber, sightseeing tours to Nurata Mountains will suit you. Hikes, expeditions and magnificent scenery of the highlands distract from city vehicles, noise and exhaust gas....> More

Guest house "Porasht" in Jizzakh village of Eski Farish

Tourist routes to the scenic mountains of Nurata often pass through the village of Eski Farish of Farish district. Previously, the village did not have a special guesthouse, and now you can knock on the gate of Habib Turdiev. Eight people is the ultimate capacity of the two guest rooms....> More

Guest house "Rakhima-opa"

Ecological tourists gladly will move in an expedition to the highlands of Nurata. Gaybullo Zarifullaev can help relax and spend the night in the guest house   called "Rahima-opa." Two rooms are able to take about eight travelers. A small swimming pool, two cot, toilet and backyard outdoor shower ...> More

Guest house "Shirinagul opa" in the village of Hayat

As one of the places of the rest and overnight during the trip to the Nurata Mountains, you can choose the village of Hayat of Farish district of Jizzakh region. The friendly house of Parda Masuev called "Shirinagul-opa" readily takes eight tourists. For visitors two rooms are allotted, one with ...> More

Guest house Abdulaevs (Margilan)

Among the fruit trees, under the vines, inviting fragrant vines, visitors are welcomed by the friendly house Abdulaev. Coming before presented to five rooms, and rest in the garden, on the couch, which often takes place a dining and an evening meal. The owner of the house, aka Azzam, his wife, so...> More

Guest house Murad Mirzo (Tashkent)

Outside Sagban, in the old part of the capital, it is very picturesque hotel-type "bed and breakfast". The history of the house began thanks to a well-known merchant Mirzaboy - grandfather of the current owner. Grandson Mirzaboy - Doctor Murod Mirzo lives here with his family. Murod seriously app...> More

Guest house of family Kadirov (Kukand)

This clean and soulful house is in mahallah. You can find it easily, if you orientate to Silicate factory. Kadirovs’ family consists of married couple, the eldest son with his wife, a daughter and younger son. But don’t care about it, because guest house separated from building wide p...> More

Guest House of the Irgashevs

At Lakhuti Street, 135 in Samarkand there is a guest house of the Irgashevs. Highly professional staff welcomes travelers in Russian, Malay, Turkish and English. The house is surrounded by a garden in which there is a playground for cooking barbecue. Here it is possible to bring drinks, enjoying ...> More

Guest house “Dilshoda” (Samarkand)

Main parts of medieval architectural sights of Samarkand are concentrated in the area of famous market Siyab. The square and ensemble Registan is situated very near. Hotel “Dilshoda” can boast about advantageous location, because it is situated near to the tomb Guri-Emir....> More

Guesthouse "Dzhumagul opa" in Jizzakh in the village Ukhum

If you like eco-tourism, then you need to go to the mountain village Ukhum. Ask where the hospitable family home of the Kasymovs is located. Their adobe-clayed house does not have a distinguished service, but you can plunge into a simple rural life of Tajik mountain people. Sleeping on the floor ...> More

House Roses Miraliev

Chimgan village was allegedly founded by nomads - it can tell each local resident. Indescribable beauty sprawling nature - mountain peaks, plains, flowing waterfalls, water reservoir and the most popular hobby is fishing. It flows like flock already regular visitors, and those who Chimgan expanse...> More

Tamerlane the Great

On Bukhara Street, 84 of Samarkand there is a guest house Tamerlane the Great. Furnishing fully corresponds to the name of the hotel - rooms and corridors are paved with elegant rugs with a unique pattern....> More

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