Guest house “Dilshoda” (Samarkand)


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Address: Samarkand city, Oksaray st. 150
Landmark: Mausoleum Gur-Emir




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Main parts of medieval architectural sights of Samarkand are concentrated in the area of famous market Siyab. The square and ensemble Registan is situated very near. Hotel “Dilshoda” can boast about advantageous location, because it is situated near to the tomb Guri-Emir.

Hotel “Dilshoda Prime” has 13 rooms and one of them is luxury suit, 10 double rooms, and the rest for 3 persons. Service of the hotel includes spacious bathroom, air conditioner, Wi-Fi and Television, which create extra comfort for you. In mini hotel there is a laundry, but you have to pay in addition this service.

The hospitable owners invite the guests to the breakfast. Those, who wish, can compose menu for the next feast. There is alternative option: set table in special hall or in the courtyard. However you can take a walk, because there are a lot of restaurants and cafes nearby.

In the courtyard there is mounted fountain made of marble. Walk around Old Samarkand is very interesting. Except picturesque market and historical sights, you can see gift shops everywhere, in which there are sold thumbnail images, clay statues, wooden boxes and etc.





Guest house “Dilshoda” (Samarkand)

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