Guest house of family Kadirov (Kukand)


Information about hotel:

Address: Kukand city, Azik-Tepa st. 56
Landmark: Silicate factory


Guest house of family Kadirov in Kukand


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This clean and soulful house is in mahallah. You can find it easily, if you orientate to Silicate factory. Kadirovs’ family consists of married couple, the eldest son with his wife, a daughter and younger son. But don’t care about it, because guest house separated from building wide paved yard, where the family lives. 

There are only three living rooms: two double rooms and a single room. To eating there is covered pavilion in the street, where you can have a lunch in summer. In cool days it will be transferred to big hall in the house. There is set the table for many persons. Besides, there is the spacious trestle-bed in the yard. The dinner will be held with entertainments and you can fun with family of owners’. Funny occasions and enlightening stories cheer up all of the guests! 

If you need privacy or scheduled business negotiations, then the table will be set for the right amount people. 

Only two rooms of this mini hotel have a TV. Also there is bathroom in the house. 

The eldest Kadirov has a car Daewoo “Nexia”, on which he can meet you, take you somewhere or ride in historical places of Kukand. 

Mini hotel of Kadirov hasn’t special service, but people find this reception very good and will always be remembered it.


Guest house of family Kadirov (Kukand)

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