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Chimgan village was allegedly founded by nomads - it can tell each local resident. Indescribable beauty sprawling nature - mountain peaks, plains, flowing waterfalls, water reservoir and the most popular hobby is fishing. It flows like flock already regular visitors, and those who Chimgan expanses opened for the first time. Favors, and the road itself - some difficulties arise only in spring (due to landslides), or in winter, when the mountains descend unexpected avalanche.


Chimgan is attractive not only to the unique nature, many of the visitors heard about another place. In the valley itself - in Nizhny Aul - offers a friendly open door of the house of Rosa Miraliev. One only has to imagine: the main contemporary route to home runs trails, drowning in hazel. Close broken old village cemetery, surrounded by too many legends. And from the house of Rosa to the river, which can be seen from the windows, pulled the apple orchard, charming spring flowering and autumn fruits saturating. Hostess - a former nurse, the husband - a vet, and the couple behind untold wealth - four children and two grandchildren growing up. In two rooms, which can be located up to 10 people, you feel home hospitality and comfort Kazakh hearth.


It is here that you can taste unmatched dish, eating on the floor, and then relax on the couch near the ponds, where you can watch the game infinitely small fishes.Kroon hazel obscure too hot rays of the sun and helps quench thirst spring, sonorously makes his way out of the ground and tending directly into the river. Rose is known as the workshop of the hostess - many go to visit her only in order to taste the dishes prepared hostess.


House Roses Miraliev

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