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Address: Andijan, 3-neighborhood, B.Mashrab street, 19-A
Landmark: tennis courts




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In Andijan, 3-neighborhood, B.Mashrab street, house number 19-A the Hotel Sport is waiting for visitors. It offers rooms with different classifications from which their cost is calculated. But the price automatically includes not only the morning meal, but also lunch with the evening meal. Within the walls of the hotel everything is done so that the hotel residents could feel extremely comfortable. The order and the tranquility are provided by a professional security service, for the personal transport there is a large parking lot available, and if a visitor wants to go to the city, from the reception they can call a taxi. The rooms are provided with satellite, cable TV, telephone connection. You can also install additional beds (the Sport can accommodate up to 50 people). Guests are invited to try a massage therapy and health check-up in the medical cabinet. Rooms are cleaned daily, and room service is trying not to disturb holidaymakers. In the laundry room things can be cleaned where you can get them back in a great cleanness. You can spend an evening in a small bar where drinks are offered for different categories of tourists.





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