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In the small streets of old Bukhara, next to the Jewish synagogues and a Jewish school is a two-storey mini-hotel «Malikjon House». This hotel is a class B & B is located in a converted house, which has preserved the features of the oriental style of the late 19th century. It can be said of carve...> More

Matluba Hanum

Right at the crossroads near the Kukeldash owned complex Labi-Havuz, is a two-story brick building, a mini-hotel "Matluba Hanum". The house was built on the square, so in the middle there is a small courtyard, and on the second floor has a steep staircase. On the walls you can see the alabaster s...> More

Sasha and son plus

Two hundred meters from the hotel «Sasha & Son» located another hotel Alexander Boltaeva - "Sasha and son plus". The building was built recently, it is made in the European style. Inside there is a cozy patio with a little gardening. Before ensemble Labi-Havuz buildings only a few minutes walk aw...> More

Rustam & Zukhra

Hotel Rustam & Zuhra is located at Bahauddin Naqshbandi Street, 116 of Bukhara city, included in the list of heritage sites of UNESCO. Guests of the hotel are met by the reception working around the clock, offering a choice of 12 rooms of various classifications. Overlooking the illuminated sides...> More

Aist (Stork)

Lyabi Hauz is surrounded with hotels of different classes, but there is one which has unusual history. It is a small hotel Bukhara "Stork". The feature is that, in the XIX century was not a hotel, and the madrasah-Alaf Alaf....> More


In the city of Bukhara on Arabon Street, a hotel with the same name is located. Six hotel rooms of various variety of classification are furnished with air conditioning, Bed linen is provided and the bathroom is filled with toiletries. Smoking in the territory of the Arabon is strictly prohibited...> More


"Atlas" is located in the historical part of Bukhara, in a well-kept yard, next to the mosque Magoki Attori and trade dome "Toki Telpak Furushon" where guests are allowed to dip into the spirit of antiquity. ...> More


Bukhara is a city with special historical heritage. You can see it in the old streets, mausoleums and squares. Even hotels have proud names there. Near the mausoleum Ismail Samoniy is situated class B&B hotel “Avicenna”. The hotel was created quite newly in 2011 and hotel has some cla...> More

Farhad and Maya

Traveling to Bukhara, plunge into the world of antiques and oriental flavor, especially when you walk through the Old Town. To experience a full immersion need to stay in one of the old houses. For example in mini-hotel «Farxod & Maya». In the late 19th century, this building, and another 17 hous...> More


Hotel Fatima is located in the historic center of Bukhara city on Baydukov Street, 3. The hotel provides rooms with a separate bathroom, air conditioners, refrigerators and other items of comfort. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi access here. The hotel offers extra amenities in the room for families...> More

Hasan Gavkhar

Outside Galaba, 18 in Bukhara, the hotel is situated Hasan Gavkhar. Orient smiling possible ensemble "Kosh-HCWs se" Madarihan. Guo Stinica more like a cozy welcoming home open to any guest. In the 7 beautiful rooms an atmosphere of national colors - a unique and carpets, and Suzanne, made ​​by lo...> More

Hovli Poyon

The history of this house began in the mid-19th century, at the time commander named Urganchi built luxury home. This event is of interest to even the Bukhara Emir Ahad Khan, who came to the feast in honor of the completion of construction. Emir admired the beauty of the finish, the young Bey gav...> More

Mehtar Ambar

This hotel B & B is located in a building that in the 19th century served as a shelter for caravan moving along the famous Silk Road - a real caravanserai with two centuries of history. The ground floor housed the camels, and the people spent the night on the second. Remarkably, but in "Mehtab Ba...> More

Nasreddin Navruz

This two-storey house built in 2003, but due to the fact that it is located in the historical part of Bukhara gave him a traditional look for once the Jewish quarter. The building was built on the square and in the center there is a small paved courtyard, where there is room for tea drinking and ...> More

Nazira and Azizbek

Near the square Labi-Hauz in a small street hid storey mini-hotel «Nazira & Azizbek» B & B. Just a couple of steps and you can see the Jewish Synagogue, the Museum of Culture and a series of shops with traditional products and souvenirs. In the district there are a variety of cafes, restaurants a...> More

O 'tkirbek

Two-storey mini-hotel is located in a narrow lane once the Jewish quarter, near the synagogue. There is the complex of monuments around the Labi-Hauz and just a few steps. And then in different directions of old monuments, craft shops, shops of traditional products, the Old Eastern barazchik, caf...> More


In the historical part of Bukhara there is a hotel “Olmos” which built in 2002. A few minutes walk and you will be near the madrassa Dzhuibory Kalon, located near the Mausoleum of the Samanids, complex Khalifa Hudoydod, Ark citadel and madrassas Abdullazizhana....> More

Salom Inn

At 50 meters from the Lyabi House perched a small two-story private mini-hotel B & B with a friendly name of "Salom Inn." Two minutes walk from Nodir-Divan-Begi, and a little further is the Kalyan Minaret and Magoki-Attari....> More

Samani Bukhara

 In Bukhara at N. Khusainov Street Bldg., 6 in the vicinity of the Lyabi-Hauz a friendly hotel Bukhara Samani opens its doors. Visitors are politely asked to choose apartments on request. All of them are provided with air conditioning. Allso you have the opportunity to relax on the balcony and in...> More


Siyavush is situated in a quiet, ancient area of Bukhara. The hotel is built recently. One of the advantages of this hotel is comfort and easy access to transportation. Another advantage is proximity of historical monuments and special atmosphere. The atmosphere is created by surrounding building...> More

Sukhrob Barzu

The guest house «Suhrob Barzu» is located just a few hundred meters from the Citadel Ark of Bukhara city, on Babakhanov Street, 9. This two-storey house is located on the street 20 meters from Lyabi-Hauz ensemble. Some windows visible even the rear of the quince. The building is located in the ne...> More

Amelia Boutique Hotel

In the ancient part of Bukhara has a very nice old brick building. In the 19th century it belonged to a wealthy Bukhara Jew, and later it converted into a stylish and gorgeous hotel with a gentle requisite infrastructure called "Amelia". The decoration of the main landmarks of antiquity preserved...> More


The Hotel Amulet  was open in Bukhara on the basis of the Madrasah Said Kamol built  by a Bukharan merchant Mir- Said Kamol in 1861. Despite seeming austerity of the building it reminds a medieval castle, here from first minute you feel a coziness and homely warmth....> More


Outside Naqshbandi, 100 located in Bukhara ASL Hotel. Can be guided to the Lyabi-Hauz. Guests are offered 12 rooms, made ​​in a mixed style - modern with national traditional elements. The floors of the hotel are carpeted with unique designs that accentuate the skills of local handy people. The S...> More

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