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Address: 73, Bahauddin Nakshabandi street, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Landmark: Restaurant «Chinara»




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The Hotel Amulet  was open in Bukhara on the basis of the Madrasah Said Kamol built  by a Bukharan merchant Mir- Said Kamol in 1861. Despite seeming austerity of the building it reminds a medieval castle, here from first minute you feel a coziness and homely warmth.


The Hotel Amulet offers 3 single and 5 double standard rooms for accommodation. You’ll enjoy wide walnut beds of handwork in the rooms. Beds and chairs are made by the restored sketches of furniture used by old Turkic tribes. Room is furnished by beds, 2 chairs, a small little table and lamps, an ancient chest, a coat rack.  Curtains, covers are made of the silk and cotton fabrics of handwork and painted by natural dyes. Woolen rugs of handwork of the Karshi craftsmen are laid on the floors. The ancient doors, decorated by wood carving date back more than 100 years.  wooden beams decorate ceilings of the rooms by an example of ancient Bukharan houses in which the size of the room was measured not in meters but by the  numbers of beams. In each room there is a satellite TV set of more than 200 channels, a refrigerator, air conditioner, a hair dryer, a bathroom with the shower cabin, equipped hot and cold water under a high a pressure.


There is also a room for meditations in the hotel and a  small library on Sufism, history and architecture of Bukhara.


The rest lounge is decorated as a sample of Bukharian houses: in the center you see a low little table and  under the table there is a hearth (sandals) for heating around which quilted mattresses are outspread  and pillows where  you can comfortably watch TV with access to more than 200 channels and drink fragrant tea or coffee. 






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