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Two-storey mini-hotel is located in a narrow lane once the Jewish quarter, near the synagogue. There is the complex of monuments around the Labi-Hauz and just a few steps. And then in different directions of old monuments, craft shops, shops of traditional products, the Old Eastern barazchik, cafes and so on.


Converted house still keeps the imprint of the eastern style of past centuries - with a courtyard, wooden beams and steep staircases. In the design used handmade bedcovers, quilts, rugs, and painted pottery.


Hotel type Bed and & Bed and ten air-conditioned rooms are attracted by low prices and adequate service for the seasoned traveler. In the room you can live alone. Family is more convenient for people to choose a room with two or three beds. All rooms have adjoining bathrooms with shower. Furniture is not much - a wardrobe, bedside table and a bed with orthopedic mattress, standing on a huge carpet. This room has satellite TV.


The windows overlook the courtyard or on the roof facing the nearest houses.


Breakfast is simple, but quite adequate - tea, eggs, sausage, jam, biscuits and tortilla.


International telephone at the reception there will, but for the internet need to go to the cafe to Labi Hauz.


Additional service is a coin-operated laundry. And pay for accommodation in cash is necessary.


O 'tkirbek

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