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On Shirbudun street, 56 in Bukhara, the hotel is situated Royal Garden. The building was built in the old part of the city, in a unique, historically memorable place surrounded by famous bazaars. The two bays very well intertwined modern notes and traditional, unchanging oriental features. Royal Garden is surrounded by a green area with a constantly clean, rich flavors of green air. 22 rooms are an interesting design approach, along with it having a full technical equipment - hot water, TV, phone. Residents can also benefit vatsya all kinds of services, such as laundry or ironing clothes. Restaurant Royal Garden takes visitors all year round, in summer in the open air can be collected at the same time up to 300 people, in the winter the number of visitors is limited to a few. But the skill of the cooks working there truly legendary. The hotel guests are treated to not only the usual traditional dishes, but also such delights of European cuisine and the Europeans tasted, not every day. Also, great selection and drinks - from the exotic cocktails Vsev Possibility to fine wines famous vineyards.


Royal Garden

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