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Two hundred meters from the hotel «Sasha & Son» located another hotel Alexander Boltaeva - "Sasha and son plus". The building was built recently, it is made in the European style. Inside there is a cozy patio with a little gardening. Before ensemble Labi-Havuz buildings only a few minutes walk away, and then in various directions other attractions, restaurants, little market with prayer mats, spices, and other pictures.


In this small family hotel is only five air-conditioned rooms split systems. Each has two twin beds. Chilled minibar drinks quench your thirst after a long and leisurely walks around the city. Resting can be viewed on the TV news or anything else from vending a plurality of satellite channels. Call Affairs and hometown may be directly from your room. In the bathroom there is a personal toilet, bath with shower and hairdryer in addition.


Breakfast is served in the courtyard or in the restaurant.


In the evening, weary travelers can unwind in the sauna. If you urgently need clean clothes is available hotel laundry.


The hotel «Sasha & Son plus +» has a hall that can be used for business meetings. Fax and a computer with internet access is available at the reception. It also will help to guide the search or travel arrangements to remote places of interest, such as Sitorai-Khosa, a complex of buildings constituting the summer palace of the Emir. This palace translated between the sky and the moon.


Sasha and son plus

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