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"Hyatt Inn" hotel was built recently. It is popular due to its advantageous location in the vicinity of the gate Ata-Darwaza - the entrance to the citadel of Ichan-Kala. Close to the Khan's inner city attractions. The facade resembles a fortified medieval castle. All 38 rooms of three-star hotel, equipped with all-season conditioning. The rooms include check-in two persons.But if you do not want to listen to someone else's snoring, you can get a room in the undivided use. This is true for apartments and, of course, lyuksovskih rooms. In the rooms for one person have a shower, and double bathtub. Resting watching cable channels on the flat TV screen, you can arrange inspection of the mini-bar. And it is possible to contact the family with the room phone. For the free Wi-Fi will have to go into the hall of the hotel, and you can connect to the paid internet in the business center.


"Caravan" Breakfast is served in the restaurant. Its total capacity of 120 people, so it is suitable for gala events mean. Here are fed not only dishes of Uzbek cuisine. By the way, ordered in a restaurant meal can bring into the room. Another interesting place "Hyatt Inn" is a lobby bar with a great selection of drinks.


Motorists need not worry for the safety of the vehicle, near the hotel operates a guarded parking lot.


Hyatt Inn

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