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Address: Samarkand, Otahodzhaev Street, 10
Landmark: a five-minute walk from University Boulevard




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At Otahodzhaev Street, 10 in Samarkand, there is the hotel ”Ideal”. Naturally, the name can not but attract the interest - and not totally in vain, as the hotel is really trying to justify its name to 100%, starting with the purity of the bed linen to the amazingly clean with a sparkling shower tiles.


Rooms (total 11) are cozy. The buffet breakfast beckons with variety of choice that can not be covered at once - it contains nutritional, wholesome meals that will be evaluated by each fan to dine. Across the street from the” Ideal” there is a restaurant that bears the same name. And after going a little further away, you can visit the memorial sites, getting acquainted firsthand with the rich culture of the Uzbek people.


The main exponent of the “Ideal” is a sociable staff. Probably, everyone has come across unpredicted trouble – has dripped oil on clothing, wine or juice spilled on the clean bedding. At “Ideal”, there is a laundry and dry cleaning service, where your belongings will be treated with extreme caution.


Many visitors say about “Ideal”’s efficiency, not forgetting to emphasize its excellent service and comfort.








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