Akmal Kholis B&B


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Address: Termez, at Sobir Termezi Street, 44
Landmark: city center


Akmal Kholis


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This two storey hotel is located in the city of Termez, at Sobir Termezi Street, 44. Cozy and extremely comfortable double rooms (total 8) are equipped with all necessities. They are equipped with powerful air conditioners in order not to feel the intense heat discomfort on hot days. They also are provided with cable TV to follow the latest news, a phone to use the services of the personnel without leaving the room. There are also bathrooms with full contents (washing supplies, white towels, robes) and a constant supply of both cold and heated water. After the busy day it is time to swim in the azure pool and drink a cup of offered drink to your taste in a small cafe, located in the courtyard. It is best to pay in cash for the accommodation. Hotel Akmal Khollis has been operating for more than 13 years, pleasantly surprising its guests with warm hospitality and extremely comfortable pastime.




Akmal Kholis B&B

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