Mountain Resort "Archazor"


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In Chimgan is located in a pine forest resort Archazor. Everyone knows the power of curative properties of the air filled with the scent of pine. Pine forest - one of the most rewarding to help overcome even the inveterate disease. The building is two flights if creating a single whole with the environment - guests are offered eight rooms, and friendly atmosphere which has never conveys the charm of the place. Here, along with a homey feel, there is a professional staff. In Archazor reigns cleanliness - this is done to maintain the natural naturalness, which allowed people to take full advantage the unique natural gift.


In the evening you can walk through the pine forest, or relax in front of a TV, swimming pool, or compete in football battles. You can also book a cottage, which is on the territory of all three Archazor. In addition to full service, guests are often stored in the meeting hall of the fireplace, stunning views from the balconies of Chimgan, karaoke joint, drinking tea on the couch, fragrant skewers. By the way, the food Archazor can also hit the most discerning palate - this cuisine masters were invited to the resort, vacationers constantly affecting their own zest in cooking.





Mountain Resort "Archazor"

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