Country Complex "Aktashsay"


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Among the picturesque beauty of the sprawling tract Aktas, surrounded by snowy mountains, decorated with emerald green forests, near Tashkent is a complex rehabilitation "Aktashsay". This place is truly unique - the complex is surrounded by a specially planted species of plants and trees, which help to organize the work of the respiratory tract. And together with the cleanest air in Aktashsay healing occurs much faster. Like the continuation of natural grandeur rise residential housings, built by European standards. Each apartment - a personalized, cozy and comfortable place where guests can relax alone or with family. Some rooms are decorated veranda, where you can endlessly enjoy the most memorable views of the sun rising and setting, when the pink-red rays fall on the mountains beautiful clouds. In the courtyard of the complex split stylized pavilions, created in the Japanese style, buried in a variety of colors. Aktashsay dine guests are invited to a restaurant, serving the most famous dishes of different cuisines, and offers fine selection of wines. Spending time can be in the pools, in the territory of the three, or go to the sauna, which is also open at its own swimming pool. On the basketball court organized team competition, you can also work out at the. Fans of the game balls waiting in a billiard room, and those who want to dance - in the entertainment complex to the current bar.





Country Complex "Aktashsay"

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