Rehabilitation Center "Physiotherapya va reabilitatsiya bulimi"

Diseases associated with musculoskeletal problems, problems in gastrointestinal tract, urological and genital system long ago became a real problem for many people, but in this rehabilitation center, located in the Tashkent region, they are ready to help you!...> More

Sanatorium "Abu Ali Ibn Sino"

The stay in this sanatorium- hospital is recommended for people experiencing problems with the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, the CCM. The basis of the medical procedures used here is the wisdom of the ancient East, which emphasizes environmentally sound methods of healing. A key ...> More

Sanatorium "Agalyk"

This multi-profile resort is located in the historic center of one of the cities of Uzbekistan. This recreational institution is surrounded by beautiful gardens, creating not only the magnificent landscape in the territory of nearly 7 acres, but the healing aura. Walking along the paths trodden, ...> More

Sanatorium "Aktash"

A visit to this therapeutic recreational facility located in the Tashkent region, is recommended for those who suffer from the inconvenience caused by the problems of the respiratory system. The guests of the health institution, located 65 km from the capital of Uzbekistan, will be able to fully ...> More

Sanatorium "Botanika"

This sanatorium is located in the Tashkent region at an altitude of 500m. A visit to it is recommended for people suffering from diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, SSS and so on....> More

Sanatorium "Buston"

This hospital is located in the Kibray district of Tashkent region. The health resort on the bank of the "Zakh" river rises 450 meters above the sea level. A visit to this sanatorium is prescribed to citizens suffering from problems related to the cardiovascular system, urological, neurological s...> More

Sanatorium "Chartak"

This therapeutic recreational establishment is located at an altitude of almost 650m in the picturesque valley of Chartak Sai. A special place among all the gifts of nature that are carefully assembled by people here is the famous mud. ...> More

Sanatorium "Chatkal"

This institution of wide profile, created by the National Committee of Geology in 1975, opened its doors in a cozy corner of Tashkent region. Over the years of its existence, this resort was able to accumulate many effective methods and collect truly professional team of like-minded doctors. ...> More

Sanatorium "Chimyon"

Highly professional diagnostic base characterizes this resort as the perfect place for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, blood circulatory system, urology, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The facility, built at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, allows all travelers to constantly ...> More

Sanatorium "Chinabad"

This sanatorium is located in the park area of the capital of Uzbekistan, where patients suffering from problems related to the gastrointestinal tract, the improper operation of the pancreas, gynecological diseases get successful treatments. Key factors in this medical wellness facility are numer...> More

Sanatorium "Etti buloq"

This sanatorium, occupying nearly five acres in the Fergana region, is surrounded with a beautiful pine park. The special microclimate created here by nature, has beneficial effects on health. Treatment is recommended for citizens suffering from problems related to the digestive tract, metabolism...> More

Sanatorium "Hanka"

If you are concerned about cardiovascular pain and there are problems with muscle, nerve, capillary, bone system, urological, gynecological abnormalities, you should visit this health center. This is a true spa resort which meets all modern and architectural requirements. The sanatorium complex i...> More

Sanatorium "Kasansay"

This resort opened its doors thirty kilometers from the city of Namangan, located in the area at the foothills of the Chatkal Range. In the most beautiful area of ​​the country, surrounded by the river Kasansay, one of the best resorts was erected. A visit to this therapeutic recreation is recomm...> More

Sanatorium "Kashkadaryo Sohili"

In a secluded corner of the Kashkadarya River, the resort is located, rising to six hundred meters above sea level. In this paradise of nature relatively mild climate, reflected in the mild winter and moderate summer heat is waiting for holidaymakers. From the time of year it depends on what gues...> More

Sanatorium "Khumsan"

This year-round therapeutic recreational establishment is located in a picturesque corner of the Tashkent region, only 80km from the capital of Uzbekistan. The sanatorium features a resort - a medical profile, designed to serve families with problems of CCC, the central nervous system, etc....> More

Sanatorium "Mersian"

This hospital first opened its doors eight years ago, becoming the result of many years of successful cooperation between Korean and Uzbek sides. The basis for this resort was an old hospital of physiotherapy. Today, in this sanatorium, patients with the gastrointestinal tract, differential press...> More

Sanatorium "Miraki"

Just thirty kilometers from Shakhrisabz you find a beautiful health resort "Miraki", intended for people suffering from central nervous system disorders, VAR diseases, diseases of upper respiratory tract, the circulatory system. The resort offers one and two rooms. To increase the effectiveness o...> More

Sanatorium "Nihol"

Located in Namangan region, this resort is designed for guests who suffer from ailments related to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and central nervous system, gynecological spheres....> More

Sanatorium "Oltinsoy"

Those with serious violations of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine and nervous system, have dermatological problems and so on should buy a voucher to this resort. This famous resort is located approximately 100 kilometers from the municipality of Navoi. Maximum altitude here reaches almost fo...> More

Sanatorium "Sitorai Mohi Hosa"

In one of the most beautiful corners of Bukhara this resort is located, specializing in diseases associated with digestive, urological system, central nervous system problems and so on. The building of this resort, built on the site of the residence of the Emir of Bukhara rises 500m above sea lev...> More

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