Sanatorium "Agalyk"


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Address: Uzbekistan, Samarkand Samarkand district, village Agalyk
Landmark: 7 km from the Big Karshi road tract


Sanatorium "Agalyk"


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This multi-profile resort is located in the historic center of one of the cities of Uzbekistan. This recreational institution is surrounded by beautiful gardens, creating not only the magnificent landscape in the territory of nearly 7 acres, but the healing aura. Walking along the paths trodden, vacationers can enjoy not only the many pine gardens but also wonderful views of the mountains. In the middle is a building of a sanatorium, inscribed by the skilful hand of the architect to the landscape.


Sanatorium fund includes rooms of different levels of comfort, but each room has an individual atmosphere. After checking in and passing the primary examination by a doctor, you will be spelled out the procedure in various fields. In this resort, guests should possess the extract from their medical records. The presence of the modern medical equipment and specialists who have had long internship, enables them to provide assistance in the following areas:

1. GI tract;

2. Respiratory System;

3. Rheumatism;

4. Ischemic disorders of the heart;

5. Hypertension;

6. Radiculitis;

7. Neuroses of different etymology;

8. Diathesis;

9. Cystitis;

10. Diabetes.





Sanatorium "Agalyk"

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