Sanatorium "Aktash"


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Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent region., Bostanlyk district, Khumsan Aktashskoe-area village Aktash
Landmark: 65 km from Tashkent, 7 km from Gazalkent


Sanatorium "Aktash"


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A visit to this therapeutic recreational facility located in the Tashkent region, is recommended for those who suffer from the inconvenience caused by the problems of the respiratory system. The guests of the health institution, located 65 km from the capital of Uzbekistan, will be able to fully relax in a well-furnished treatment facility, which is buried in the deciduous forests.


Scenic mountain slopes and the majestic sound of the rivers Aktash and Ayubsay provide a comfortable level of hydro ionization and create an atmosphere of relaxation and a significant improvement in health. Modern medical equipment used in the resort includes the following items:

1. A massage room;

2. Therapeutic sauna;

3. Room for physiotherapy activities;

4. Hall of physiotherapy;

5. Artificial medicinal baths;

6. Terrenkur.


A special place in the medical direction takes a balanced diet food. On the basis of analysis the doctor will help to adjust the rate of food consumption by the patient. As a result, you will be able to improve overall health. Guests have the opportunity to purchase a ticket to the 1-bed and 2-bed rooms and also, will have the opportunity to visit:

• Thematic library;

• Sports halls, playgrounds;

• Hike as a tourist;

• Visit the hairdresser;

• Visit the cabinet of cosmetologist;

• Various shops;

• Eastern teahouse;

• Visit the cinema.






Sanatorium "Aktash"

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