Sanatorium "Botanika"


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Address: Tashkent region, Kibray district
Landmark: Ok kovok Village


Sanatorium "Botanika"


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This sanatorium is located in the Tashkent region at an altitude of 500m. A visit to it is recommended for people suffering from diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, SSS and so on.


Tangible support in the course of treatment of patients here is the power of nature itself. Crystal-clear mountain air and rich mountain springs give a vacationer everything he needs. For example, the water saturated with nutrients and obtained from underground sources, is actively used for drinking, showers, gastric lavage, baths. Curative mud, promoting restorative process is also used here.


Guests of the sanatorium are settled in rooms for one and two persons. A stay of parents with children, whose age must be less than 4 years, is also provided here. A separate section is reserved for people of advanced age. To meet the needs of the patients, there is a multi-library, telephone, private parking and hairdresser's office.





Sanatorium "Botanika"

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