Sanatorium "Chartak"


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Address: Uzbekistan, Namangan region.
Landmark: Chartak district, A.Saydalieva, 5


Sanatorium "Chartak"


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This therapeutic recreational establishment is located at an altitude of almost 650m in the picturesque valley of Chartak Sai. A special place among all the gifts of nature that are carefully assembled by people here is the famous mud. This sanatorium is recommended for treatment for patients with problems of:

  1. Cardiovascular system;
  2. GI;
  3. Nervous System;
  4. Skin diseases;
  5. Gynecology;
  6. Urology.


In this hospital all the medical infrastructure is present not only for the primary diagnosis of the state of the incoming patient, but also for effective treatment. For example, various physiotherapy, health massage, therapeutic activities, preventive exercise and so on allow anyone to feel much better. Also available for the guests are post and telephone communications center, rehabilitation center, the Palace of Arts, a specialized library.




Sanatorium "Chartak"

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