Sanatorium named after M.M.Fedorovich


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Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Mirabad district, the avenue of Amir Temur, 39
Landmark: Highway Institute


Sanatorium named after M.M.Fedorovich


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Climate recreational facilities, located in the central part of the capital of Uzbekistan, have worked well beyond the boundaries of the Homeland. For the first time the medical community learned about it in 1926 when the physiotherapy center of a wide profile opened its doors. Inspirer of the hospital was a Polish scientist M.M. Fedorovich.


In subsequent years, hospital has significantly changed, having acquired expertise and accurate medical equipment. Today, the hospital includes several advanced sections:

1. Outpatient Department - the initial diagnosis and diagnosis, a variety of physiotherapy, etc are carried out in it;

2. The three-storey hospital, including a forty-five local housing and a specialized dining room. It treats patients with illnesses of the nervous system, problems with the cardiovascular system. People with problems of urology / gynecological plan also undergo an effective therapy.

In the hospital exclusively professional doctors, with the necessary medical degree, work.





Sanatorium named after M.M.Fedorovich

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