Sanatorium "Kasansay"


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Address: Uzbekistan, Namangan region
Landmark: Kasansay


Sanatorium "Kasansay"


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This resort opened its doors thirty kilometers from the city of Namangan, located in the area at the foothills of the Chatkal Range. In the most beautiful area of ​​the country, surrounded by the river Kasansay, one of the best resorts was erected. A visit to this therapeutic recreation is recommended to those who need treatment of the nervous system or the blood circulatory system.


Over the years of productive work professionals were able to work out a system of diagnosis and treatment in detail, including:

1. The use of medicinal waters with varied mineralization;

2 Massage rooms, physiotherapy;

3. Department of herbal medicine;

4. The specialized diet food;

5. The Cabin of heat treatment and the like.

If necessary, the patient is assigned a consultation of a specialist, working in a narrower direction, for accurate diagnosis.


In the dining room of the resort a multiple- time food is arranged, taking into account the needs of different patients. "Vitamin table", themed clubs, personal services section, themed excursions, library are available year round for vacationers.







Sanatorium "Kasansay"

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