Sanatorium "Kashkadaryo Sohili"


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Address: Uzbekistan, Karshi, str. N. Mirzaev, 12
Landmark: river Kashkadarya


Sanatorium "Kashkadaryo Sohili"


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In a secluded corner of the Kashkadarya River, the resort is located, rising to six hundred meters above sea level. In this paradise of nature relatively mild climate, reflected in the mild winter and moderate summer heat is waiting for holidaymakers. From the time of year it depends on what guests are waiting from the fresh air of the mountains and clean, like crystal river water.


A visit to this hospital is recommended for those who want to conduct examination and treatment of the digestive system, diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, capillary and vein system, urological pathologies. One of the key elements here is the therapeutic mineral water extracted from underground sources.


ECG, diversified biochemical laboratory, a section of neurological research, physical improvement department, the office of the psychoanalyst - all this and more allows it to stretch the confident hand of the sanatorium to those in need of professional medical treatment.


A large swimming pool, sauna, diverse excursions, dancing, small shops fill the cultural and entertainment side of the leisure of citizens provides.





Sanatorium "Kashkadaryo Sohili"

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