Sanatorium "Nihol"


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Address: Namangan region., Uchkurgan borough
Landmark: s / s Yangiyer


Sanatorium "Nihol"


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Located in Namangan region, this resort is designed for guests who suffer from ailments related to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and central nervous system, gynecological spheres.


The main curative element in this sanatorium is the thermal mineral water, rich in iodine and bromine. It is used as an important component of the healing baths, contrast showers or diet drinks. Another important natural stimulant recovery here is natural mud.


The resort is equipped with modern medical equipment, offers rooms for 1 or 2 guests. Guests of the sanatorium have the opportunity to attend the modern fitobar and are always surrounded with cultural programs here.


The voucher includes accommodation for 2 weeks, meals three times a day, the best doctors for diagnosis and treatment. Children over 4 years can also visit this resort.





Sanatorium "Nihol"

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