Sanatorium "Turon"


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Address: Tashkent, Shurtepa street
Landmark: house 159


Sanatorium "Turon"


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Year by year the number of people who have had a heart attack is increasing. Many doctors do not get tired of repeating that these patients need a long recovery process in the profile sanatoriums such as "Turon". Modern equipment allows them not only to put the correct diagnosis, but also to adjust the further recovery process. The doctor of the sanatorium will carefully consider the extract from patient’s card, and only then will prescribe treatments.


While assigning the treatment procedures, as mandatory, the patient's standard meal course is adjusted. Now the emphasis is on healthy and tasty food, enriched with essential elements. Particular attention is paid to the mineral water obtained from local deep sources. Different levels of salinity allow them to adjust the treatment based on the needs of each patient.


A spacious swimming pool, an extensive cultural and entertainment program and various physiotherapy - all these complex activities allow to quickly improve the overall health of the patient. Also this sanatorium is recommended for stay for patients with problems of the circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, andrological and gynecological problems.




Sanatorium "Turon"

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