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Traditional Kazakh wedding: fidelity to the precepts of ancestors

The happiness of every person solely on the desire to fight for it. Love, family and faith - these are the main incentives for the Kazakhs, giving strength to go on, it seems that there is no more strength. For happiness really need to fight to every day, lived together in the shower left a lot o
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Tradition and modernity live together in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan can safely say about themselves that are ancestral traditions and modern view of the world live in harmony. Unlike other countries, have decided to exchange the national colors on the achievements of modern technology, the Kazakhs are constantly multiply their rich cultural heritage. R
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Kazakh rafting: Feel the power of nature

Leisure activities on the water have always been and remain not only a great opportunity to receive considerable positive emotions, but also improve health. One of the clearest water sports, enjoying permanent popularity in many countries, is rowing. Such popularity is due to a number of rowing o
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Kazakh hospitality

Oriental peoples have always been known for its special approach to the reception of guests. National traditions prescribe to the dear guest edged weapons, special carpet, nice horses donate, coat or robe. A special place is occupied by older guests, for them in immutable order was necessary to p
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The information on Kazakhstan

Republic Kazakhstan - the huge country in which territory more than 120 nationalities live. Kazakhstan is the unitary state with a presidential government which borders with such countries as: People Republic of China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation. It occupies t
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