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Kazakh National shoes, in contrast to the outer clothing has fewer differences when it comes to a particular social or wealth. As a rule, the boots are the most common type of footwear. First, they are designed to operate under the hot sun or chilling winds. Secondly, they are made ​​of durable materials that do not require frequent maintenance.


In winter, the preference of shoes, equipped with sufficiently wide top. These boots put on thick stockings made ​​of felt. During warmer months, shoes made ​​of soft leather. As a rule, the summer models had a small heel, the height of which does not exceed eight centimeters.


Traditional women's shoes has always been decorated with the help of applications, with curved toes. Elderly people favored boots made of soft materials. The most popular "ichigi" - very comfortable boots, stockings. Above them floated a variety of shoes or overshoes.



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