Zenkovskaya Cathedral



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Close to many hotels in Kazakhstan gutted rare and unique structure in these latitudes, unexpected island pastoral Russia among the dramatic mountain ridges, it Zenkovskaya Cathedral, the cathedral bears the name. Around magnificently swirling emerald green Panfilov Park, which is its name dates back to the great feat of the heroes, shot to fame during the Second World War. The building survived the many disturbances and stand in striking the storms of the twentieth century. No earthquake, no grand reconstruction in the first decades of Soviet power, did not touch it. The construction, which can be attributed to the category of the oldest in Almaty, was constructed only of wood without a single gram of iron, which is a nail. Now the temple is valid, and earlier in the vaults of these found their shelter Historical Museum and Cultural Center, and at the same time. The tour operators of Kazakhstan are making this landmark to the list of those that are worth seeing.





Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen - the memory of the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War

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