Buyan-kuli khan mausoleum


Chagataid Buyan-kuli khan died in 1358. He was the grandson of a celebrated Duva-khan, that died in 1307.His master was Seif ad-din Boharzi. Chagataid ulus’s western part and Bukhara were occupied by emir Kazagan in 1346. Buyan-kuli-khan was officially enthroned and ruled on own behalf by emir Kazagan. By the way emir Kazagan's son emir Abd-allah grew up, Bayan-kuli-khan was executed by Abd-allah’s father. In addition, there was an important reason to kill Buyan-kuli it was the desire of abd-allah to marry his wife. The tomb of Buyan-kuli-khan is next to the Sheikh Boharzi’s tomb. Sheikh Boharzi was his teacher. Theexterior of the mausoleum is done with the mixture of three colors: blue, dark blue and white.

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