Mosque-khanaka of Khodja Zainuddin



Mosque-khanaka of Khodja Zainuddin


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It is not easy to find this mosque, located inone of the quiet corners of Bukhara. It is believed that this architectural complex is an architectural monument of the sixteenth century. The mosque-khanaka complex includes a large central room decorated with dome and numerous patterns. It was here where the Sufis conducted their sacred rites.


In the lower part of the mosaic panel there is a panel decorated with paintings plants. Using smooth sailing transitions, attention goes to the patterned bowl of the dome of the building, located on the stalactite crown. The predominant colors here are turquoise and blue.


For centuries, this mosque was used as a gathering place of dervishes- travelers and supporters of Sufi doctrine. Also in the territory of the mosque the tomb of Khoja Zainuddin is located.




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