The biggest pool the essential unit of an outfit - Lyabi khauz, that has a meaning "at the pond", and location at the middle of Bukhara. The rectangular pond strains from the east to the west, surrounded in the green ancient trees. Its sides are disposed in the form of the degressive stair, which is made from solid blocks of yellowish chalk-stone.

The ensemble consists of three structures: Nadir divan-begi Madrasah in the east, Khanaka in the west and Kukeldash Madrasah in the north.

The main square near the big pool restrains magic of the past. Old people, who are supping tea and sitting on tapchans of the Chaikhanas or acting backgammon straight by water, shop assistant vending sunflower grains, children playing in the sun, happy forever Hodja well-known Sufi, who always rides on bronze donkey.

Madrasah Mir Arab

Khanaka Faizabad

Jami Mosque

National house Davlat House

The memorial complex of Bahauddin Naqshband

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