Ak-mosque ("White Mosque") was built at Anush-khan (1663-1687) in the middle of 17th century. This is a small quarter mosque by the gates of Palvan-darvaza. The winter building with prayer hall has a white conical dome. Mihrab is located in the middle of the southern wall. Column avian borders three sides of the winter hall. Ganch lattices decorate the windows of the mosque. Epigraphic and ornamental carving decorates the door. The inscriptions read the date - 1838-1842 and names of masters - Nur Muhammad, the son of Adin Qalandar; Qalandar, the son of Seyid Muhammad.

Madrasah Talib Makhdum

Mazari Sharif Madrasah

Madrasah Atazhanbay

Trading house and pavilion Palvan-kari

Madrasah Matpanabay

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