The main cathedral mosque in Khiva, to tell in other words Djuma-mosque is situated in Ichan-Qala by the path that begins from the gates of Palvan-Darvaza to Ata-Darvaza. It is simple antique mosque with flat ceiling on columns, which are different from the other Central Asia mosques. However first Arab mosques were built in the similar way and had such layout. Building, which is hold here nowadays, was constructed in the 18th century. The lights of moon, coming through three holes of the ceiling and as well carved wooden columns create ideal praying atmosphere. Amount of wooden columns are two hundred twelve. A big number of them were cut from wood trunks in the 18th-19th centuries. The others were fixed from ruined medieval constuctions.


The oldest columns can be brought from the capital of medieval Khorezm - Kyat situated at the bottom of the Amu Darya. Twenty columns functioned from the 10th to 12th centuries and all of them own Arab inscriptions in Kufi. Several columns after seeing them can remind you the columns of Bagbanly Mosque with inscriptions of Naskh. The columns that functioned at 18th-19th centuries were well-recognized in accordance with typical Khiva's floral-vegetative pattern. They are leveled by means of various stone beddings and bases. Mihrab is roofed with Ganch semi-dome with floral pattern of iris and brier on its sides.

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Madrasah Atazhanbay

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Madrasah Matpanabay

Mazari Sharif Madrasah

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