Kunya-Ark, Ak-Sheikh-bobo mosque


The corner of kurinysh-khana situated in northwest owns the exit and corridor going to harem on the hill of Ak-Sheikh-bobo and that place considers as the highest point of Kunya-ark that served a lookout tower. Several legends tell that a cell of saint Ak-Sheikh-bobo was situated here in the 14th century. The location of khan’s harem was under the mound and included some two-storied premises and one-column avian. Khan’s mosque and mint were situated betwixt kurinysh-khana and harem.


The mint was constructed when the governor was Muhammad-Rahim-khan that made reform of tax, installed customs houses and began the process of minting gold coins. To the south from the mint was founded the mosque by initiation of Allakuli-khan. There were two halls in mosque: winter and summer halls. The former one had very obvious structure, while the latter had very exquisite decoration. Avian of the mosque with two rows of columns was painted blue dark, red and green colors. Its walls called minbar and mihrab and as well the small towers at corners are entirely faced with majolica of exquisite vegetative pattern.

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