Madrassah of Mohammed Rasul Mirzabashi



Madrassah of Mohammed Rasul Mirzabashi


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In the south-western part of the famous tomb of Pakhlavan Mahmoud there is the madrasah of Mohammed Rasul Mirzabashi, named after the person who was the ideologist and sponsor of the construction..The general appearance of the madrasah, not very large in size, cannot boast of having exquisite decorative or architectural solutions. The facade of the building, included in the complex Pahlawan Mahmud is converted due north.


During the construction of the madrasah architects relied on the classical trapezoidal shape of the building. The first place, where a man enters the building is a room of a small size. It is assumed that in this room the tomb of the founder of the madrasah is located. There are 3 more rooms of different size in the madrasah. In order to get into a small courtyard, it is necessary to pass through a hole, of a rectangular shape. In the southern part of the courtyard an open terrace has been recently opened.




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