Palace of Nurullah-Bay


The location of Nurullah-Bai’s palace is in the north-western part of Dishan-Qala. Building was constructed by initiation of Muhammad-Rahim-khan II for the honor of his son and Asfendiyar-khan during 1906-1912. After the Bukhara palace of Sitorai-Mohi-Hosa this palace considers to represent eclectics of European and Khiva architectures. There are many items and places such as reception hall of Asfendiyar-khan, dwelling, court buildings and madrasah. Colonists from Germany took part in decorating of ceilings, parquets and windows. Ceramic tiles of the palace were manufactured in St.Petersburg. At first interior of khan's reception room was decorated with carved Ganch, polychromic painting and gilding.

Mazari Sharif Madrasah

Madrasah Matpanabay

Madrasah Atazhanbay

Trading house and pavilion Palvan-kari

Madrasah Talib Makhdum

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