Shirgazi-khan madrasah


As the oldest madrassah of Khiva considers Shirgazi-khan. Its location is to the south from Pahlavan-Mahmud Mausoleum. The date of construction is about 1718-1720 after prosperous military campaign to Khurasan controlled by Shirgazi-khan.


Since madrassah is situated in the gap of pristine city wall, it has a floor that became two meters lower than Pahlavan-Mahmud Mausoleum’s floor. On the west dome building of mausoleum flanks the madrassah. That madrassah is well-known for the prominent poet Mahtumkuli that was a teacher there in the middle of 18th century. His poetic lines such as "Forgive me, Gold book was opened to me here, I am leaving, dear Shirgazi" were dedicated to the madrassah.

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