Tash-Hauli’s harem


The corridor divided the family courtyard of Tash-Hauli from the formal part. The southern part is occupied by 5 major rooms: four of them belong to khans’ wifes and the other one to khan. The two-storied structures located along perimeter of the court yard were built for relatives, servants and concubines. Every ayvan of harem presents a big work of Khiva applied art. Their ceilings, columns and walls would expose the best ornamental patterns. Panels of majolica wall were decorated in original blue and white color. Red-brown paintings cover ceilings. Copper openwork lattices decorate the windows.

Madrasah Atazhanbay

Madrasah Talib Makhdum

Trading house and pavilion Palvan-kari

Mazari Sharif Madrasah

Madrasah Matpanabay

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