The mausoleum Uch Avliyo Bobo



The mausoleum Uch Avliyo Bobo



At the western walls of Tash Howli Palace there is a tomb called Uch Avliyo Bobo built to perpetuate the memory of three saints. The upper part of the mausoleum is represented by a large dome, equipped with some cell vault. Numerous studies suggest that the primary resting place here dates back to the end of the XVI century in 1561. This particular date you can now see carved on the entrance door.


The information discoverd in the mausoleum suggests that in 1821 there was a restoration, but 160 years later a heavy rainfall greatly damaged the entrance portal and the columns. All this underlined the need to re-restoration, after which this mausoleum reopened its doors to millions of visitors.



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